Back at it

Another iffy weather week means another week of iffy forecasting and armchair meteorology. Complaints about decisions regarding the postponement of golf can be emailed to the BOSS at In all seriousness, though, if Jason at Eagles Nest tells us we can’t play, we can’t play.

The schedule has been updated to reflect last week’s postponement. So far we have the season reaching its end before Labor Day Weekend but weather may likely change our plans.

Thanks to everyone who reached out with scoring questions after last week. It’s possible the BOSS can make mistakes and the TPGL runs in a much more transparent way when compared to the ginger-headed operation at 345 Park Avenue.

The forecast calls for afternoon thunderstorms. If they’re of the pop-up variety, it’ll be a coin flip. For those of you interested in learning more, please check out this link from the National Severe Storms Laboratory or visit the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center website:

Finally, the Columbus Blue Jackets play Game 4 Thursday night at 7:30 pm. After golf festivities will likely include watching the game for those of you interested.