New champions will be crowned

The Scheuer-Pachta duo reigns terror no more. The 2020 defending champions faltered in their opening round match against stalwarts Cravens-Gerber, losing convincingly 29-15. Even three Scheuers on the course at once couldn’t prevent disaster. When asked by a downtrodden Pachta if some statistical magic could be arranged for the eliminated partnership, the BOSS replied, “someone’s gotta run that damn side game!”

This opens up the final four of the Championship Bracket to the parking lot blockbuster matchup of Kline-Kline vs Detore-Prince. The other half of the bracket sees Cravens-Gerber meet up with Hengehold-Adams.

In Bluebonnet Bracket news, of which it only seems that the Kommish cares, a nice final four of Booher-Callahan, Kaufman-Stanula, Ice-Woodward, and Creegan-Kaufman emerged from the scorched earth of Eagles Nest’s front nine. Booher-Callahan aim to save the league from any more Kaufman-on-Kaufman meme crime by taking down Kaufman-Stanula. Of course, we also need Stanula at the top of his focus for the TPFFL draft food later this weekend.

Championship Bracket Results and Matchups

Kline-Kline def Brisben-Kien 32-12
Adams-Hengehold def Whitaker-Whitaker 25-19
Cravens-Gerber def Scheuer-Pachta 29-15
Detore-Prince def Frejkowski-Waginger 28-16

Hole 10: Kline-Kline vs Detore-Prince
Hole 11: Cravens-Gerber vs Adams-Hengehold

Bluebonnet Bracket Results and Matchups

M Kaufman-Stanula def Barter-Eppers 23-21
Ice-Woodward def G Scheuer-Theilman 26-18
Creegan-S Kaufman def Abla-Kissel 28-16
Booher-Callahan def Michael-Nicolai 31-13

Hole 12: M Kaufman-Stanula vs Booher-Callahan
Hole 13: Ice-Woodward vs Creegan-S Kaufman

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