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2024 Season Gets Underway April 18

The 2024 edition of the TPGL begins Thursday April 18, 2024. The website has been updated to reflect 2024 starting handicaps, the 2024 schedule with midseason break, and a download link to the 2024 edition of the league rules.

Also, I went ahead and added the sub handicap scores for reference:

2023 Second Round Results and Finals Matchups

Second-Round Results

Championship Bracket

Hole 1: Kline-Kline def Cregan-S Kaufman 23-21
Hole 2: Hengehold-Adams def Nicolai-Michael 25-19

Mike Kaufman Bluebonnet Bracket

Hole 3: Booher-Callahan def Kien-Kien 26-18
Hole 4: Theilman-Gerber def M Kaufman-Stanula 25-19

Finals Matchups

Finals Match: A Kline (2) – J Kline (6) vs S Hengehold (3) – E Adams (5) – completed
Third-Place Match: Hole 10: S Kaufman (6) – M Cregan (9) vs G Nicolai (9) – M Michael (10) – tee off first
MKBB Finals: Hole 10: M Booher (5) – G Callahan (11) vs G Theilman (7) – R Gerber (8) – tee off second

2023 First Round Results – Second Round Matchups

First Round Results

Championship Bracket

Hole 10: Michael-Nicolai def Pachta-M Scheuer 27-17
Hole 11: Adams-Hengehold def Frejkowski-Waginger 27-17
Hole 12: Cregan-S Kaufman def Detore-Prince 24-20
Hole 17: Kline-Kline def Ings-Greenwell 25-19

Mike Kaufman Bluebonnet Bracket

Hole 13: Booher-Callahan def Walter-Kissell 23-21
Hole 14: Theilman-Gerber def Whitehead-LaFrance 30-14
Hole 15: M Kaufman-Stanula def Ice-Woodward 25-19
Hole 16: Kien-Kien def Elkowitz-Rotundo 26-18

Second Round Matchups

Championship Bracket

Hole 1: Kline-Kline vs Cregan-S Kaufman
Hole 2: Hengehold-Adams vs Nicolai-Michael

Mike Kaufman Bluebonnet Bracket

Hole 3: Booher-Callahan vs Kien-Kien
Hole 4: Theilman-Gerber vs M Kaufman-Stanula

2023 First-Round Playoff Matchups

Championship Bracket

Hole 10: Pachta-M Scheuer vs Michael-Nicolai
Hole 11: Adams-Hengehold vs Frejkowski-Waginger
Hole 12: Cregan-S Kaufman vs Detore-Prince
Hole 17: Kline-Kline vs Ings-Greenwell (played early)

Mike Kaufman Bluebonnet Bracket

Hole 13: Booher-Callahan vs Walter-Kissell
Hole 14: Theilma-Gerber vs Whitehead-LaFrance
Hole 15: M Kaufman-Stanula vs Ice-Woodward
Hole 16: Elkowitz-Rotundo vs Kien-Kien

Good luck to all golfers!

2022 First Round Playoff Match Results – Second Round Matchups

Championship Bracket
Hole 10: Detore-Prince 20 vs Abla-Kissel 24, Abla-Kissel advance
Hole 11: A Kline-J Kline 29 vs Michael-Nicolai 15, A Kline-J Kline advance
Hole 12: Pachta-M Scheuer 13 vs Adams-Hengehold 31, Adams-Hengehold advance
Hole 13: Cravens-Gerber 15 vs G Whitaker-C Whitaker 29, G Whitaker-C Whitaker advance

Mike Kaufman Blue Bonnet Bracket
Hole 14: M Kaufman-Stanula 18 vs Ice-Woodward 26, Ice-Woodward advance
Hole 15: Ferguson-Greenwell 15 vs Booher-Callahan 29, Booher-Callahan advance
Hole 16: Cregan-S Kaufman 24 vs Frejkowski-Waginger 20, Cregan-S Kaufman advance
Hole 17: T Scheuer-Thielman 32 vs Kien-B Kien 12, T Scheuer-Thielman advance

Second-Round Matchups

Championship Bracket
Hole 1: Abla-Kissel vs G Whitaker-C Whitaker
Hole 2: A Kline-J Kline vs Hengehold-Adams

Mike Kaufman Blue Bonnet Bracket
Hole 3: Ice-Woodward vs T Scheuer-Thielman
Hole 4: Booher-Callahan vs Cregan-S Kaufman

2022 Playoff Matchups

Championship Bracket
Hole 10: Detore-Prince vs Abla-Kissel
Hole 11: A Kline-J Kline vs Michael-Nicolai
Hole 12: Pachta-M Scheuer vs Adams-Hengehold
Hole 13: Cravens-Gerber vs G Whitaker-C Whitaker

Mike Kaufman Blue Bonnet Bracket
Hole 14: M Kaufman-Stanula vs Ice-Woodward
Hole 15: Ferguson-Greenwell vs Booher-Callahan
Hole 16: Cregan-S Kaufman vs Frejkowski-Waginger
Hole 17: T Scheuer-Thielman vs Kien-B Kien

Matchups and Hole Assignments for July 7

Hole 1/10: M Kaufman 8 – J Kaufman 11 vs Cregan 9 – S Kaufman 12
Hole 2/11: Walters 6 – Kissell 13 vs Vollman 7 vs Greenwell 10
Hole 3/12: M Scheuer 5 – Pachta 9 vs Brisben 7 – Kien 11
Hole 4/13: A Kline 2 – J Kline 5 vs Brandstetter 3 – Gerber 8
Hole 5/14: G Whitaker 2 – C Whitaker 9 vs Hengehold 5 – Adams 8
Hole 6/15: Waginger 5 – Frejkowski 7 vs Detore 2 – Prince 4
Hole 7/16: Ice 12 – Woodward 18 vs Thielman 7 – G Scheuer 10
Hole 8/17: Booher 5 – Callahan 16 vs Michael 10 – Nicolai 12

If we play the Front 9 – play BLUE tees
If we play the Back 9 – play WHITE tees

Hole 1/10 will the YELLOW tee with Longest Putt following on Hole 2/11.

Thanks for your understanding while I wait for Duke Energy to bother coming out this way.

New champions will be crowned

The Scheuer-Pachta duo reigns terror no more. The 2020 defending champions faltered in their opening round match against stalwarts Cravens-Gerber, losing convincingly 29-15. Even three Scheuers on the course at once couldn’t prevent disaster. When asked by a downtrodden Pachta if some statistical magic could be arranged for the eliminated partnership, the BOSS replied, “someone’s gotta run that damn side game!”

This opens up the final four of the Championship Bracket to the parking lot blockbuster matchup of Kline-Kline vs Detore-Prince. The other half of the bracket sees Cravens-Gerber meet up with Hengehold-Adams.

In Bluebonnet Bracket news, of which it only seems that the Kommish cares, a nice final four of Booher-Callahan, Kaufman-Stanula, Ice-Woodward, and Creegan-Kaufman emerged from the scorched earth of Eagles Nest’s front nine. Booher-Callahan aim to save the league from any more Kaufman-on-Kaufman meme crime by taking down Kaufman-Stanula. Of course, we also need Stanula at the top of his focus for the TPFFL draft food later this weekend.

Championship Bracket Results and Matchups

Kline-Kline def Brisben-Kien 32-12
Adams-Hengehold def Whitaker-Whitaker 25-19
Cravens-Gerber def Scheuer-Pachta 29-15
Detore-Prince def Frejkowski-Waginger 28-16

Hole 10: Kline-Kline vs Detore-Prince
Hole 11: Cravens-Gerber vs Adams-Hengehold

Bluebonnet Bracket Results and Matchups

M Kaufman-Stanula def Barter-Eppers 23-21
Ice-Woodward def G Scheuer-Theilman 26-18
Creegan-S Kaufman def Abla-Kissel 28-16
Booher-Callahan def Michael-Nicolai 31-13

Hole 12: M Kaufman-Stanula vs Booher-Callahan
Hole 13: Ice-Woodward vs Creegan-S Kaufman

2021 season playoff brackets set

Final Standings

Championship Bracket

Hole 1: Kline-Kline vs Brisben-Kien
Hole 2: Whitaker-Whitaker vs Adams-Hengehold
Hole 3: Pachta-M Scheuer vs Cravens-Gerber
Hole 4: Frejkowski-Waginger vs Detore-Prince

Blue Bonnet Bracket

Hole 5: M Kaufman-Stanula vs Barter-Eppers
Hole 6: Ice-Woodward vs G Scheuer-Theilman
Hole 7: Abla-Kissel vs Creegan-S Kaufman
Hole 8: Booher-Callahan vs Michael-Nicolai

A Few Updates

Figured I run the forum, so I’ll share some updates:

  • I’ve updated the Schedule page to reflect our most recent rainout week. Some of the previous dates may not be correct (July 1 should read July 8), but the remaining schedule from July 15 going forward is correct.
  • I made two scoring corrections from Week 10. Those are reflected in the standings. I incorrectly assigned sub values in two matches.
  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out with scoring questions. As the season winds down, I recognize each point matters. My only ask is to avoid the time before teeing off on Thursdays – I’m busy trying to get the league organized and get in some semblance of a warm up.

Yours in Golf.